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Located in the heart of Harmony’s National Historic District, we offer our public tavern to you for social pleasure and shared camaraderie in true Harmonite tradition.

About Us

Located in the National Historic District in Harmony, Pennsylvania, and originally the residence of Austin Pearce, a banker, mill operator and railroad executive, the Harmony Inn was Pearce’s home in 1856. Pearce’s fortunes plummeted when his PNC&E railroad business failed, causing him to sell his home to a member of the Ziegler family, a descendant of the Mennonites. Ziegler renovated the building into a hotel and a saloon and became one of the earliest licensed establishments in Butler County.

Eventually the family sold the hotel and The Harmony Inn went through several owners. Bob and Jodi McCafferty were drawn to the vibe of the Harmony Inn, where their paths eventually intertwined. They bought the Harmony Inn in November of 2013, continuing the tradition and quality, and providing a place for more stories to be created.


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harmony in news clipping


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